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directedbyyeezus asked:

What planet were you even born on?


I came out of a glorious vagina, lemme tell you. Alright. We all came from Heavenly mothers, and some of us are blessed to come from Beautiful Bold Black mothers, and some of us are born from life itself, from that coffee caramel skinned woman know as Mother Nature. She is the true mother that provides for us along with the Lord. But she has sisters. Wild, sexy, promiscuous sisters from the Milky Way that are into that freaky, vice life and into that freaky shit, that get down every night and influence you to do all the things your natural mother told you was wrong. And those Sistas from the Milky Way Galaxy gave birth to me, that muthafucka non-Smoothie nigga! I am him! milkbowl, motherfucker, the enigma the truth!! You ask me what planet I was born on, but is it really about that, or is it about the devious mothers that birthed me. The Malicious Maternity from which I was given the nipple of vice to suck on. I aint no titty suckin ass nigga. I mean, I suck titties in the sense of bitches, cause that’s what turns ladies on. And I love suckin some nice titties, big or small. But I aint no tittie nigga in the sense of “crybaby crybaby suck ya mamas titties” like a Smoothie ass nigga. In fact, I’m so muthafuckin that motherfucker, I almost denounce my motherly mother, therefore I am only an entity and owe my life to no one!  



They got a choir of angels in the Heaven above that sings hymns about Milkbowl’s aesthetics while Smoothie niggas aesthetics pathetic. Shout out to all my niggas and non-niggas, fine ladies, Hip-Hop Bitches, vaporwave muthafuckas  and soft ghetto lovers that still followin a me! Shout out to the day one niggas that’s still here! Shout out to the niggas that unfollowed me cause i know i’m always on ya dash regardless! Shout out to errybody that didn’t just like my shit, but reblogged it too, cause them the real muthafuckas I fuck with! I fuck with errybody else too, but I’m always singing in my head, with the Kid Cudi voice from Guilt Trip, like-


But it’s all good! I love all y’all! Shout out to all the muthafuckas that aint tryna play a nigga! Shout out to errybody that fucks with me, you know who you are!! Shout out to the ladies that got a picture of helmeted milkbowl in a gold frame and go to sleep with it erry night! And if you don’t do that, then what the fuck are you doin??

Shout out to all y’all still chillin in college with me! You gotta stay educated!! It’s a fact (AND YOU CAN LOOK THIS SHIT UP ANYWHERE! ASK YA PROFESSORS!) that niggas with a degree get 50% more head than the average nigga without one! That goes for the ladies, too! If you wanna get that pussy eaten out like a Chinese Buffet, get that degree!

Shout out to Hirohiko Araki, cause JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures is the realest manga I ever read! I’m still on Stone Ocean, if you don’t fuck with JoJo, you might at well be another weeaboo, son! If you dont fuck with JoJo, ya life is MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA!!! Feel me? Shout out to uhhhhh Tara Strong, cause she can get it any day of the week. Like, I can be in the middle of a church sermon and it’s going down! Shout out to Jesus! Hook me up with some stacks though. I know you get paid every Sunday! And I’m always at your birthday parties!!

I love all y’all out here! I really love you for supporting me while I do my thang! Each and every one of you. Aight?! Hit a nigga up some time, cause I love talkin with y’all. Real talk!! Imma bout to go get into sum stuff in a few, so i’ll catch y’all later!!

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