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    Lord Of The Sad And Lonely

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    Kid Cudi


Yo I heard all the music he did with Kanye and the joint he did with MGMT, but I was sleepin on Cudi like a muthafuckin coma. I was bumpin Indicud last night, and I was feelin his sound. Like dayum, Yeezus woulda been 3hunna times better if Cudi was on it some more. But let me not talk about Ye. I’m taalkin about Cudi right now. Damn, I’m reaally feeling this track! I’m feelin this track like it was some titties and I’m groping them like no tomorroww in the back of the club cause I dont want no other bitches lookin at me, cause I’m self conscious about other bitches peepin my game. But my nails diggin into them titties, and they kinda bleeding. And I aint into that type of shit no way, but this song got that evil in it. It’s insidious, and all summer, I really been feelin like a demonic muthafucka, doing all types of shit I don’t usually do. So dont fuck with me ya Smoothie ass nigga, cause I’ll give yo ass the blues, the reds, the golds, and all muthafuckin colors of the electromagnetic spectrum. 

But I ….


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