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           I didn’t learn my lesson from last night, regardless of the fact I was falling asleep during Sunday School in front of everyone. It was the last Sunday of 2013, so the sermon during the service was extra hype. Extra BLACK hype. You know what I mean. I spent the entire time drawing, though, so I’m probably going straight to Hell.
        I’m hungry just like last night. I honestly think I’m becoming nocturnal. I was supposed to go to sleep at 11PM, but Dasialyn called. Then I watched the Real Housewives of Atlanta. I started messing around with her, saying that Mynique was cute. I literally said “I’d jump her bones”. But honestly, I do I think she’s kind of cute, in a weird kind of way. Anyways, I was going to sleep after that, since it was 1 AM. Then the live action Josie and the Pussycats movie came on, and well, I had to see it again. It reminds me so much of Scott Pilgrim. Which also reminds me I need to finish the comic series. And possibly read some of the Josie comics that were published by Archie.
        I played Ocarina of Time until I could use the spare laptop, and now it’s like 6 in the morning. Damn. Damn it. Well, I’m on episode 7 of Madoka Magica, and it’s getting pretty intense. I love the pacing with this show. Maybe I should finish it right now. The sun will soon rise, and I will feed. I’ll post the church art soon.

Happy Anniversary (Help me, Tumblr!)


Alright, long story-short, me and my girlfriend are celebrating our 2nd year anniversary, and I’ve got a few thing planned out. But I want to make her feel as special as possible. Tumblr, I’m reaching out and asking for a little help! Could you reblog this post, adding a little “Happy Anniversary, Dasialyn!” note? You could even leave something special if you’d like. Please guys, reblog as much as you can! Thanks if you can help!

Happy Anniversary, Dasialyn!


So I decided to work on my gestural drawings. I feel like I need to do better at capturing action and still having it possess movement. I watched a Barcelona vs. Madrid soccer match and some belly dancing videos on YouTube. Practice makes perfect [very dynamic thumbs up]! The names on the jerseys are Captain Tsubasa related, so if you get it, you’re really cool. If not, you’re still pretty awesome. I really don’t like them being headless, though. I need to do something about that. I have an idea for next time~

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